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Individual School Copying Rights is $700.00; please contact us for further details.

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Our Products

Shadows On A Sword – Novel Study Activity Guide

by Karleen Bradford

Story Summary
Objectives Covered Sample Worksheet

Story Summary

Shadows On A Sword – Novel Study Activity Guide
Shadows On A Sword – Novel

This second novel in the Crusades Trilogy covers the period of history from 1096 A.D. to 1099 A.D. during the First Crusade the Holy Land. Seventeen-year-old Theo has just been knighted and cannot wait to start out on the Holy Crusade to free Jerusalem from the Turks. He has one purpose in mind - to battle for the glory of God. Not long into the journey, however, he learns that the intent of many of the other knights is to merely claim new wealth for themselves. Theo is disillusioned, but still determined to fulfill his dream. Riding with the expedition of the respected Godfrey of bouillon, Theo soon befriends a fellow knight and a strong willed servant girl. The young trio are faced with any challenges on the quest - nit only the enemy, but deserters, political in-fighting, and the treachery of the land. It takes them three years to travel through harsh deserts and perilously narrow mountain passes. But perhaps the most challenging of all is the reality of the war - which is having to kill fellow humans. It is his challenge that Theo struggles with most of all.

Mrs. Bradford's novel is about the challenges faced: tests of faith, strength of human character, and how to persevere in times of physical and moral conflict.

For more information on the novel, please visit the author's website.


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