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There Will Be Wolves – Novel Study Activity Guide

by Karleen Bradford

Story Summary
Testimonials Objectives Covered Sample Worksheet

Story Summary

There Will Be Wolves – Novel Study Activity Guide
There Will Be Wolves – Novel

This novel takes place in 1096 A.D. during the People's Crusade to the Holy Land. It addresses religious discrimination and takes a look at the dark side of the "glorious" crusades. Ursula and her father, apothecary, Master William, live in Cologne, Germany. Ursula is an ambitious young woman who intends to become a great healer. Because of her extensive knowledge and abilities, she is viewed as an outsider by the members of her community. People in the Holy Roman Empire were very superstitious and didn't take kindly to the fact that Ursula was "different". It isn't long before she is declared a witch and she is sentenced to burn at the stake. Although her father saves her from this tragedy, he soon endangers her life in another way. She and her father are to join Peter the Hermit and Cont Emil on his quest to save Jerusalem from the heathens. Even though Peter the Hermit professed that he is a man of God, it is soon apparent that mob mentality can corrupt any good intentions. Ursula is witness to many atrocities on her journey. She is constantly forced to question the true meaning of justice.

Ms. Bradford's novel is about a young girl who shows tremendous growth when her strength of character is tested. It is also a testament to the ironies of the Crusade. This novel provides a great source of debate for such topics as religious freedom, mob mentality, the pursuit of justice, and the quest for humanity.

For more information on the novel, please visit the author's website.


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